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It is the digital age, and photography is no exception. One of the first questions most brides and grooms ask is “Do I get the digital files?”.  We believe in offering the best of both worlds, digital and print and the answer to that question is “Yes”. But often we are asked if we will discount our wedding packages by removing the album which is included. This is a question which is always answered with a resounding “NO”! An album gives your wedding package a collection of memories that time, technology and social trends cannot take away.

Wedding albums are no longer a stiff boring book with a photograph adhered to each page, they are works of art. The designs and possibilities are endless; this colour, that cover, this page, and that page, with that paper type, and that ink, touch it, feel it, smell the paper…. They come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. They take many loving hours to design.


A wedding album is not just a book; it is a lovingly crafted, carefully compiled story of your most special of days. It is an heirloom, a memory to pass on for generations.


As a child, I spent countless hours poring over my parents albums. They were nothing special, a few snaps from life, thrown together into mismatched and frayed books, but how I loved them and the valuable stories their yellowing images told. Now I have the joy of watching my children sit and look at the memories I have put into albums. There are literally thousands of images, much prettier, and well composed sitting on CDs and USBs, and even on my computer’s hard drive, but can you guess which ones get looked at more? Yes, the crumby old happy snaps which are printed and put into books.


A disk of images is not an heirloom. It is not mesmerizing, it does not tell tales. And sadly, in time, it will become obsolete, like floppy disks, and zip drives (remember them?). It won’t be taken down from a shelf, lovingly stroked, smiled at, and pored over. A beautiful album begs you to do that, if you walk past your book shelf, it calls to you and makes you want to take it out and lose yourself within its pages.


My parents are elderly, and a while ago I was asked what I wanted when that time came and they passed away. Other than telling them that it would be great if they could just live forever, I said “Nothing, except for the photo albums!”. When the fire season comes upon us (we live in the country, among the bush), can you guess what lives in the car, just in case we need to evacuate at the last minute? It isn’t money, or jewelry, or awards. It is all our photos, our wedding album, and the drives which contain our clients cherished memories as well.

To not give a client an album, feels as though I am not doing my duty as a storyteller. It is not giving you my best. I remember the hours I spent as a child, not just looking over the memories, but talking with my parents, about them. I see my children now, sitting and talking to their grandparents, instead of playing with an iPad, talking and connecting in a way we so rarely do anymore. And even more touching, I see those grandparents getting to relive their youth through the photos within the albums.


While an album may seem old-fashioned and unnecessary to many, I cannot bring myself to remove them from a package. Albums played such a big part in my childhood and still do in my life as an adult, as a parent. My job is not done until I deliver an album. It is not complete unless there is a beautifully crafted, lovingly designed story told. Having an album to hand on to the next generation is almost a rite of passage; it is my job to make sure it can take place.


Remember, when you are booking a professional wedding photographer, you are not just booking them to take pretty pictures; you are hiring someone who can tell a story. Let us create a tangible record of your memories that will last for generations.

Please, let us do one of the most rewarding and special parts of our job, and have a share in creating your first heirloom item as a new family. Let us do what we do best, and tell that story in an album for you.


Article written by Kat Smith – KS Photography



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