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My Gear

my background

I have two loves, one is for flying and the other is capturing images frozen in time that encapsulates a feeling, whether it be personal or translates beauty, for example the wonderment of nature.  


"The WOW factor is what I search for, always fine tuning to gain greater quality and standards in my Images"

I have been aPilotsince1974 and have over 19,000 flight hours logged in all forms of aircraft including Jets. I worked for various companies in New Guinea for a period of 24 years.


Photography allows me a balance in my lifestyle and mixing it with Nature. But the two actually work hand in hand, the aviation Industry takes me to all kinds of places where a photographer would normally find it difficult and very expensive.  

Being a Pilot also helps me with my photography with various skills for example, understanding meteorology, navigation, equipment skills, and having high personal standards.


I do hope you are pleased with the Website and any feedback would be appreciated.


“Wayne Goodin  Photographer”

Canon & Me

I have been a user of Canon photography equipment for over 20 years and as many can attest to, Canon is top shelf gear.


The level of sharpness and quality of skin tones is amazing these days, and Canon is the best I have found.


I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in the professional lenses and bodies, including flashes and studio equipment to bring out the best in every shoot

Over the past 20 years, I have collected professional gear that produces the best results for your wedding or portaits.


Please click the link below to see a full list of my quality equipment

Wedding Photography

General Photography